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We know the way

We use our experience as property owners and developers to get your OTAs by the horns, review, improve and leave everything set up and connected!

Property Analysis

Understand your operation and which is your target audience

Room by room

Review the topology of all your rooms on all OTAs, optimize every detail and integrate with your hqbeds

Seeing it with your client's eyes

Improve how your property appeals to your customers. Everything: descriptions, photos, amenities, cancellation policies, etc.

Pricing Analysis

Not for more, not for less. We study your property, taking into consideration location, number of beds and rooms, and seasonality to indicate the perfect pricing.

New sales channels

We open new sales channels and connect to your hq according to the profile of your property so you can rock your bookings

Your best angle

We improve content by focusing on the strengths of your property

Properly setting up your profiles in OTAs can lead to 30% more bookings

Sell more, every month


Available on all our property management systems

Need something extra?

Our products offer a full range of services for you to take your business beyond

Booking engine

keep the whole commissioning fee for yourself.

Auto Pricing

control your prices automatically, no headaches involved


fully integrated with your booking engine

OTA optimization

bring in more sales by making your property’s profile stand out


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